Thursday, July 12, 2012

Some international insights

In a dull day in Leuven we started trying to humoristically phrase what we learned about different nations. I just ran into this text again and decided you may actually enjoy it.
You are welcome to comment and  share your own educated (and humoristic, no real stuff please) insights.

Upon arriving to a lonely island what will they do.....?

  • Israeli
    • Runs into his buddy from high school
    • Looks for a Leubawitz house to do kabalat Shabbat (saturday's ceremony) for the second time in his life (the first time was when he backpacked in India)
    • Opens an illegal stand for selling "Israeli Art" made in China
    • Haggles on the price of the staying on the island

  • Argentinian
    • Bribes someone to get on the next ship, complaints that the government is corrupt and stages a demonstration
    • Looks for warm water for mate
    • Checks if the locals can play soccer
  • Italian
    • Calls his mama
    • Drinks coffee
    • Calls mama again and promises that he has enough food and will not marry a non Italian girl
  • Belgian
    • Goes to sleep since it is after 18:00
    • Looks for an office to fill some forms
    • Finds a queue to stand and finds there another Belgian standing alone
  • Austrian
    • Arrives on time to the Island
    • Sits in a coffee shop and eats a semi boiled egg
    • Names the local coconut "Kaiser Cocus", ya!
  • Spaniard
    • Pushes his way to the head of the queue to get on the island
    • Tells all the locals that the Spanish jamon is better than the local
    • Looks for a TV to watch the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona
  • Russian
    • Buys a bottle of the strongest and cheapest alcohol he can find to celebrate
    • Sleeps drunk under the table
    • Gets nostalgic thinking about mother Russia
    • Is happy that he can be in the nature, have dried fish and bath in the cold ocean
  • Dutch
    • Laughs at the Belgian
    • Gets on time with the Austrian (but that's just because he is Guido)
    • Organizes a party (ha...that's Luc)