Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A first shiny day

Landing in Brussels was swift. In 10 minutes I was passed the border control and picking the luggage. The police in the border control asked whether I was coming to work and showed interest in what am I going to study.
I've never been to an airport in which the luggage arrived so quick. It was quite an expectations build up!

Got myself a SIM card and headed to the train station. The two vending machines were broken and everyone had to queue int the tickets office. There was one queue significantly shorter than the others, which no one approached, so I did.

In 15 minutes I arrived to Leuven to a great shinny day. The city looked great from the train station, I great square and renovated buildings around. A university kiosk awaited just nearby the station, everything was great. The hostel was pretty nearby and the guy at the desk antipathetic. Though, the atmosphere here is great. Lot's of stressed international students without a permanent place to stay and only talking about apartments. :-)

The local population has a weird life, if you can call it that way. They work from 9 to 12, 14 to 17 and than everything gets closed. The supermarket turned off the lights at 18:30 while I was paying. In the hostel we can cook or get hot water for drinks only till 20:00.

Another thing I observed is that they have no grocery shops, only a few small supermarkets.

The university staff was till now very friendly, but not very efficient till now. But that for another post.
Here are some pictures.

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