Saturday, February 4, 2012

Closing a circle or the Patron's Day

In my first days in Leuven, I watched the beginning of the year's professors procession, which was followed by a mass in the city's cathedral.
Now, these are my last  days in Leuven and I've just watched (Feb-02, Thursday) the professors' procession in the event of the university's protector patron saint (the Virgin itself).
At 9:45, time of the procession the temperature was minus 8.
Following the procession, mass was held in the city's cathedral - it was cold even with the heaters they used. So, I positioned myself nearby a heater and took a nap till end of the mass. Later, I joined the PhD ad honorarium that is held in once a year at the saint day. At the end I enjoyed free beers and great sandwiches with ham, brie cheese, other cheeses, tuna, etc.

The PhDs of honor were given this year to researchers in the field of aging. It was thrilling to hear the personal story of each. It's comforting knowing that there are people who dedicate themselves to knowledge and to doing good.

The reception and PhD room are beautiful rooms inside the building of the ancient library burnt at 1914. One is in medieval-style and the other is neo-classic.

I got from the windows a special view on the oude-markt (old market, the pubs center) and the cathedral.

It felt like closing a circle. I'm about to leave Leuven.

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