Monday, September 19, 2011

Every story has a start

Our story starts in an hectic Sunday when Jenny was born....

Don't worry I was just joking.

I'm in Ben Gurion's airport, after an exhausting day in which I once again found that Pelephone's system is the dumbest in the world, that I have a favorite hairdresser (who would believe it?!), that I still can manage to install an PC in 30 minutes (not without Omri's help discovering that I've unplugged the electricity from the motherboard). 

Today we also went to the doc, purchased travel insurance, got food for the cats, made our wardrobe's winter-summer clothing switch, finalized the last PC backups and prepared my suitcases....

What a day!

But the most important thing today was saying goodbye to a bunch of wonderful guys (and girls of course) who made with me a long way, working on a great product and creating our own micro-society.

Many times at the airport they go nuts with me. They probably don't manage to 'profile' me.....Today the security check was swift. I was 'just' asked whether I have family in Israel. They didn't try to indict me for mission or just being 'unusual'.

The girl in the check-in was helpful assisting me to 'smooth' my luggage overweight.

Now, I'm awaiting to board the plane to Brussels. I'm expected to land at 10:00am. After a 25 minutes train ride, I must register at the university by 12:00 and in the way drop my luggage at the hostel.

When all this will be done, my next task will be finding a place to live for me and J.

Jen also still has tons of things to do at home before her flight.

This is going to be a hell of a ride. Love you all and see you here soon!


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  1. You are going to enjoy all this a lot. I'd never imagined that "grey sky all day" and "enjoy" can be used in the same phrase!