Monday, December 12, 2011

A little bit of our hard life here....

There are a lot of beers in the world and 1150 different kinds of Belgium beers (fresh statistics from this year). We prefer the dark ones and the very uneducatedly divided as following.

  • Family breweries making mainly dark beers (like the amazign Carolus beer from Mechelen)
  • Abbey beers (licensed by a monastery to a commercial brewery) - commonly have light and dark versions (we like the darks, browns, ambers)
  • Trappist beers (really produced in a monastery) - commonly Ales are their best
    • Dubble - >8% alcohol
    • Triple - >10% alcohol
  • Any of the above made Christmas beers
  • "Scotish" Ale beers
  • We have one discussion over Hoegaarden one of you nominates as 'limonade' and the other one really loves it. Btw, the foggy look of the Hoegaarden is because of the yeast wasn't filtered out. 
We are making our best to get a good coverage. The only things that bothers us is the good (and not expensive) Italian, Corsican and Sardinian red wines. 
We tried several French red wines, and it wasn't a love story. It seems we have a very Mediterranean palate. 
We are yet to have tasted the spontaneous fermentation beers known as Lambic or Geuze. 
We hate though the fruit flavored beers (aka Kriek)'s like drinking a sparkling, artificially fruit flavored alcohol drink. We don't know why they call it a beer. 
We tried the local Jenever (Gin like drink). It's horrible exactly like Gin and even worst when they are in flavors, like Jenever Mojito...yuck!

We could make you envy telling you that 8 bottles (33 cl each) of Trappist beer cost <7 Euros, or that a 24 bottles of 33cl cost 9,9 Euros and you can get from us some coupons for buying it in 2 Euros less.....but we wouldn't do it. Here, Stella is only for water replacement for students. 

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