Sunday, January 1, 2012

European web sites

We hope one day to find an answer to the following weird behavior of European web site

  • Shops web sites rarely allow purchasing
  • Sometimes ask for bank transfers, e.g. for shows tickets... and credit cards payment are not possible
  • Catalogs in PDF files
  • Often they don't work with 2 out of 3 browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome)
  • It's very common that when you search for tickets/train trips/etc you have one search path. When  you find  (or not…) what you wanted, you need to start all over again just to get also the...price…
At least, yesterday we finally heard a reasonable explanations on why last moment tickets are more expensive than tickets bought months in advance and it goes like this. Tickets bought in advance have a statistical probability of meeting last moment impediments, thus assuring the selling companies an additional income in changes fees or cancellation fees. Not to mention that if you cancel they can obviously resell your ticket at a higher price. 
 (Thanks Farrukh)

This is even more surprising, since from our short experience in Europe it doesn't feel like people plan more ahead than people in other continents. At least, they seem as surprised as others when reality knocks on their door.

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