Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just a typical day

I few weeks ago I got a letter from the municipality saying that my electronic resident card is ready. I didn't went to take it, after all I'll be leaving in a few weeks.
Last week the bank emailed me that they are freezing my account till I show them the resident card.

So, I went to the municipality just to find that I need to bring my previous resident permit in order to get the card. Regardless, the clerk was very nice, recognized me when I stepped in and greeted me with a full smile 'Shalom!'

Yesterday I arrived again, just to find again that I need not only my previous permit, but also the security codes they sent me by mail and the receipt that I have paid for the new card. Yes, they confirmed, they can see in the system that I paid already, but they still need to see the receipt.

Don't get me wrong. Everyone in the municipality are extremely nice. I also found that in the receipt I got 3 month ago when paying for the electronic card there was a list of all the documents I should bring. But, it was in Dutch and I wouldn't guess that the receipt includes the details for the next step. I will definitely learn for the next time I'm in Belgium.

Today I finally came with all the papers and got my residence card. At least all seems ok with the card. A Pakistani friend got his card with a new and interesting nationality assigned to him: Israeli - we made quite a lot of laugh of it.

Later I went to the local health clinic to pay debts I knew we had there. They sent me to the accounting department. Initially, it seemed I cannot pay because it was only 2 months ago and the invoice wasn't produced yet.... Eventually I managed to pay, but I will get the receipts only by mail....

The receipts are needed to get the refunds from health insurance, another procedure awaiting ahead....I think I'll see the money only after being back to Israel...

I then went to the optometrist to ask them to amend a receipt they made for me which didn't got the price correctly printed. It's good the lady was behind a glass window. Otherwise she would have eaten my head.

Now I only have another day or two of filling forms for reimbursements....

And just to keep things in proportion - J has spent 8 hours in the last 3 days trying to get two mobile phone companies in Israel to move my phone number from one to another and as of this morning they kept blaming each other without providing a solution.....


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