Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Post exams' vacuum

The last exam is over. A sudden vacuum. I smell the change.

The temperatures here are between -3 and -7. Tomorrow -11 is expected. The landlord lady offered me clothing if I'm cold. She's sweet.

After today's exam I had beer with a study buddy who wrote a paper with me and later had an end of semester bbq in the house of a friend. Now finally home after a frozen walk from down town.

It is the first exam in which I made a gross mistake that will cost me a lot of points, but I will pass the exam. I need not this course grades, but it again shows me how little do I enjoy scoring low, even when it's not important. The most funny thing is that I'm really proud about the answer I wrote. Great answer, but not for the asked question....

Now that's over, and I have no clue how do they check exams and grade them over here - so I cannot even guess my grade.

In general it drives me nuts that I've presented papers, done presentations and exams over the past 3 months and I will not know any grades till past mid-February. I just don't get this system.

In these months I learned a lot about my writing capabilities and how to approach a paper.
I also had to confront face to face my non-sleeping issues and my time management issues. There were no excuses now - no work, no family, nothing. I improved in some aspect, but there is still way to go.

My last anthropology exam seemed to be rather good and during a chat with the professor after the exam over an idea I had, he offered me to write a thesis with him on the subject.  We shall see. Things aren't clear. I still don't have things clear in my mind how everything will evolve now. The only clear thing is that I need to finish my MBA.

Tomorrow, will be a day of cleaning, paper work, publishing stuff for sale and hopefully being able to change my flight date so that I return earlier home to meet my beloved yellow and furry hamula.

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  1. I believe that a hamula is numbered by the hundreds...